GraphQL Helix

A highly evolved GraphQL HTTP Server

Get Started

What is GraphQL Helix?#

GraphQL Helix is a collection of utility functions for building your own GraphQL HTTP server. You can check out Building a GraphQL server with GraphQL Helix on DEV for a detailed tutorial on getting started.


Framework and runtime agnostic#

Use whatever HTTP library you want. GraphQL Helix works in Node, Deno and in the browser.

HTTP first#

GraphQL Helix allows you to create a GraphQL over HTTP specification-compliant server, while exposing a single HTTP endpoint for everything from documentation to subscriptions.

Server push and client pull#

GraphQL Helix supports real-time requests with both subscriptions and @defer and @stream directives.


GraphQL Helix abstracts away logic that's common to all GraphQL HTTP servers, while leaving the implementation to you. Implement the features you want and take full control of your transport layer.


No bloat. No paid platform integration. Zero dependencies outside of graphql-js